Alasdair McNee: Exciting changes at Wicksteed Park

Visitors to Wicksteed Park will see some changes, says Alasdair McNee
Visitors to Wicksteed Park will see some changes, says Alasdair McNee

Well, if you didn’t know already, Wicksteed Park opened for 2014 last weekend.

And it was great to see so many happy, smiling faces return to enjoy themselves.

During the winter months we always have plenty going on inside the pavilion and scores of people use the park to walk their dogs or just to find some peace and quiet.

But the place always feels and sounds more vibrant once the rides and attractions are up and running and is filled with the sound of happy children.

For many of you it was your first chance to see the changes as a result of our lake restoration project and thank you for the many positive comments you have made about the transformations taking place.

The one thing that many people are commenting on is the opening up of the historic views across the length of the lake – and you can now also see right down the length of the park from the pavilion.

But we are also creating a beach, a paddling area and new bridges, walkways and even a pontoon are now in place to maximise your enjoyment of the lake and encourage you to explore all areas of this wonderful 147 acres once work is complete.

Our new rowing boats have started to arrive so people will be able to enjoy a trip out on the water without getting tangled up in slimy green weeds.

And you even have a chance to claim a little place in history and name one of them if you enter the competition on our website.

Unfortunately, the terrible weather earlier this year has meant a delay in the completion of some work.

We are all trying hard to catch up on lost time but sadly our train, water chute and boats were not up and running for the start of the season.

But to recognise that we reduced all our wristband prices by £2 as well as our car parking fees by £2.

Many things are changing here at the park so do look out for a major announcement about a new attraction.

We also have Bah Humbug, our new old fashioned sweet shop, and Wax Hands, a fun way to make a souvenir wax model of your hand!

We are also refurbishing the cafe, which we hope you will like.

Many thanks for your continued patience and support.