Alasdair McNee: Events to get families out into the fresh air

The World Puddle Jumping Championships were a big success, says Alasdair
The World Puddle Jumping Championships were a big success, says Alasdair

Well, I hope everyone is now cleaned up and dried off after the fun and games of our Play Day.

Not to mention braving the elements to see what, I hope you will agree, was a spectacular firework display.

Play Day – complete with the World Puddle Jumping Championships – was a great way for the whole family to get out in the fresh air and enjoy the park.

It was the modern-day equivalent, I’m sure, of the events that Charles Wicksteed first envisaged for the park all those years ago.

And well done to six-year-old Lucy Chapman for winning a shiny new trophy for her exceptional puddle jumping on the day!

Our bonfire night celebration was another successful event.

As many people are aware, the park is run by a charitable trust, so we cannot rely on any public funding.

However, we try to provide the best display in the area and indeed, MLE pyrotechnics, from Daventry, who we have worked with for a few years now, are UK champions.

Having to fund the event ourselves inevitably means there is a cost, but I hope all of you who came along on the night thought it was well worth it.

The event is one of the biggest – if not the biggest – we hold at the park each year.

I would always urge people wanting to attend our events to rely on our website and social media outlets for information.

We spent a lot of the day leading up to the fireworks reassuring people that, despite the stormy weather, it was still on.

Rumours that the event was off had spread, despite the experts telling us everything was fine to go ahead, and I think that prevented a sizeable number of people coming along on the night because they thought it had been cancelled.

Another big event in the Wicksteed Park calendar was Children In Need on Friday when we had the BBC at the park throughout.