A reminder of how important our work is

Crazy Hats pin badge
Crazy Hats pin badge

With all our volunteers coming through the doors last week, after a lengthy summer break, it was just like the first day back at school, with them all eagerly exchanging news – the office was buzzing.

On a more serious note, when we resumed our Thursday coffee and chat and therapy sessions, we were amazed at how many newly diagnosed ladies attended, together with all our regular friends and patients. The office was bursting at the seams but, as always, the atmosphere was so positive. It was a wake-up call to realise just how much support is needed for patients and their carers who are struggling to come to terms with a diagnosis of breast cancer.

Having been on that journey myself, and now having to support those close to me while they start theirs, reinforces why the work we do at Crazy Hats is so, so important. With Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October round the corner, I was going to write about all the events we have planned to mark this but, in reality, we don’t need a set month to raise awareness; looking at all our visitors told me that breast awareness is happening every day of the year.

We will be out there selling our new pin badges and wares and I hope you will all support us to ensure our hospitals have all the updated equipment possible to look after and treat this ever-growing number of breast cancer patients.