One of the biggest names in the Harry Potter world to visit Corby school

One of the biggest names in the Harry Potter world will visit Corby Business Academy next week.

Illustrator Jim Kay created the artwork for the Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone: Illustrated Edition book which was released to the huge delight of fans last month.

Mr Kay, of Kettering, visited the school when he was researching the book about 18 months ago and took inspiration from its students for some of the illustrations.

This included Year 10 student Adam Short who provided the inspiration for the drawing of Harry’s cousin Dudley Dursley in the latest release.

In the acknowledgements at the back of the book Mr Kay has included a thank you to the students and school librarian Amy McKay.

On Tuesday, he will return to the school to reveal some of the secrets behind the book.

Librarian Amy McKay said: “It will be wonderful for our students to find out about the depth of work that goes into creating something so beautiful.

“Jim will also share with us some of the secrets from the book.

“For example he did a lot of research for the historical details in his illustration of Diagon Alley and it features a picture of Jim’s dog snoozing.

“We are so honoured that Jim is making the time to come to see us.”

During his visit Mr Kay will also answer questions and sign copies of his books.