One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson backs Wellingborough charity Niamh’s Next Step

Hannah Curry and Bronte Irvine backstage with Louis Tomlinson from One Direction in Birmingham
Hannah Curry and Bronte Irvine backstage with Louis Tomlinson from One Direction in Birmingham

A tweet from One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson has helped promote the work of a charity set up in memory of a little girl who died from neuroblastoma to millions of fans worldwide.

The singer, who has 20.3 million followers on Twitter, sent a tweet to Niamh’s Next Step after meeting Sam, Chris and Hannah Curry at a One Direction concert in Birmingham on Saturday.

Sam and Chris set up the charity after they lost their daughter Niamh aged just five to the childhood cancer in May 2012.

They have got to know Harry Styles’ mum in the last couple of years, who then introduced them to Louis’ mum and it was through her that they were invited to meet the band at the weekend.

Niamh’s dad Chris of Wellingborough said: “Louis is involved with the Believe In Magic charity.

“They did some fantastic things for Niamh and Hannah before we lost Niamh.

“It was Hannah’s 11th birthday and Joanna, Louis’ mum, sent her a message and said if she wanted to come and see One Direction, to let her know.”

As well as getting to see the concert, Hannah and her friend, Bronte Irvine, 10, got to go backstage and meet Louis, Harry and Niall from the band.

Chris said: “We met three of the four boys and we spent the evening with Louis’ family, they were all absolutely lovely.

“We were talking about the charity and Louis said if there’s anything he can do, to let him know.”

Each of the boys was given a Niamh’s Next Step wristband, and Chris added: “Hannah loved it.”

Some of Louis’ sisters were tweeting about the charity on Saturday night and then Louis sent a tweet mentioning Niamh’s Next Step the following morning.

It has since been retweeted 17,200 times and favourited more than 26,600 times.

Chris said: “It’s been retweeted thousands of times.

“From an awareness point of view, Twitter has gone absolutely mad.

“It’s very special for us, and I think our followers have gone up by 2,000 since his tweet.

“To have the backing, to have that tweet, to have met them and know that they know about the charity is a huge boost for the charity.

“We have got some amazing people involved in the charity, but Louis takes it up to another level.

“That tweet has gone out to millions of people, it’s brilliant for us.”

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