Olympic sport of the day - diving

British Olympic diver Tom Daley
British Olympic diver Tom Daley

As the fantastic week of swimming comes to an end all eyes will be on the diving boards as the competition moves on to the individual events.

Olympic divers display acrobatic excellence and supreme co-ordination skills, as they dive from heights of up to 10m into the waters below.

Competitive diving developed from gymnastics in the 18th century, when gymnasts in Sweden and Germany began to perform tumbling routines into water.

Team GB’s Tom Daley is preparing to compete in the 10m platform events on Friday and Saturday and we’ll be holding our breath to see if he can build on his success at the Beijing Olympics four years ago, when he was aged just 14.

For any young (or older) enthusiast, we are lucky enough to have state of the art facilities in the county for you to take the plunge into diving.

The Corby East Midlands International Pool is an official training centre for the Olympics and hosted the Israeli swimming team in the run-up to the Games.

If you are a confident swimmer and are interested in diving lessons have a look at the Corby Swimming Pool website.