Olympic hero overlooked

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I was delighted to read the letter from Helen Williams (Saturday, March 24) in which she pays tribute to Anita Neil, who competed in the Olympics in Mexico and Munich.

Anita brought great credit to Wellingborough and she did this with no hope of financial reward for her hard work and dedication to athletics. She owed much to the PE and games department of John Lea School and especially to the PE master Roger Beadsworth, who gave so much of his time and expertise to train her.

Anita has been overlooked as a torch bearer for the Olympics. I hope that this will be rectified and that the powers that be will look into this matter.

Derrick Pearce


I was delighted Wales has rejected badger culling in favour of vaccination and I hope the English Government will follow their lead (badgers are due to be culled here later in the year).

As can be seen at www.viva.org.uk/badgers the intensification of farming practices and the huge rise in cattle movements (14 million a year – quadrupled since 1999) are the real reasons for the spread of the disease (as confirmed by the Independent Scientific Group; ‘Badger culling cannot meaningfully contribute to the control of bovine TB in GB’). But who cares about science when MPs’ rural votes are at stake?

Nick Anclio

Broad Green,