Oli writes raw account of wait for transplant

Oli Lewington
Oli Lewington

A raw account of life waiting for a lung transplant has been written by Oli Lewington, 30, from Irchester.

His new Kindle book, entitled Smile Through It, recounts the mental and physical battle he faced while waiting for a transplant.

Oli, who has cystic fibrosis, has released the book after celebrating five years since receiving a double lung transplant.

Proceeds from the book, which is currently available on Amazon, will go to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust.

His book has a foreword from TV Presenter, Ben Shephard and is also due to be launched in paperback soon.

Cystic fibrosis is one of the most common life threatening inherited conditions, affecting over 9,000 people in the UK. It affects the lungs, pancreas and digestive system clogging them with thick mucus, making it hard to breathe and digest food.

Oli said: “I realised that waiting for new lungs would be a mental battle as well as a physical one and Smile Through It was born.

“It is a diarised account of everything you need to know about waiting for a donor organ. I want readers to know what life is like with CF and the heartbreaking false alarms while waiting for a transplant; to chance encounters and anecdotes that gave me the strength to fight on.

“Since then I have set up my own film making business and married my beautiful wife, Kati; life couldn’t be better.

“I hope readers will be enthralled by the rollercoaster of life waiting for an organ donor.”

Ed Owen, chief executive of the CF Trust, said:”Oli is a great friend and supporter of the trust and has given many inspirational talks about life with cystic fibrosis before and after his transplant.

“He is living proof of the difference that transplantation can make.

“Yet still too many people with CF die while waiting for new lungs. That’s why we are calling on more people to sign the organ donor register, as well as investing in innovative research to enable more donated lungs to be used in transplantation.

“We wish Oli well with the book and hope it encourages more people to understand the realities of living with CF and to sign the donor register.”

Oli wants to use the book to not only raise awareness of cystic fibrosis but also to encourage more people to sign the organ donor register.

The e-book is priced at just £1 to download at Amazon.