Officers reunite woman with family

An elderly Chinese lady who was found by local safer community team officers wandering in Northampton town centre was successfully reunited with her family.

PSCO Craig Mathews from the central sector found the lady who was confused and walking around with five heavy rice bowls. PCSO Mathews was unable to communicate with the lady as she did not speak English.

Quickly radioing a fellow officer, PC Eva Cheng from the south west sector responded immediately and arrived to assist.

The lady, who did not have any identification on her managed to communicate with the officer, however the officer was unable to establish where she lived or any family details.

Through effective use of the officer’s community contacts, PC Cheng got in touch with the head of the Northampton Chinese Society who was able to identify the lady’s address and contact details for her family.

The woman was reunited with her son and daughter soon after.

PC Eva Cheng said: “The family were extremely grateful for the help and in ensuring the safety of the elderly woman who hugged and thanked us for our efforts. It also helped build bridges with members of the Chinese community.

“I also want to thank the lady who stopped to help the Chinese woman when she came upon her in the town centre. She spent a long while trying to communicate with her and help her get back home.”