Officers out in force in Kettering

Kettering inspector Richard Aistrop declared the week of action a success
Kettering inspector Richard Aistrop declared the week of action a success

Police took part in a busy week of action in Kettering in tackling local concerns.

Officers from Kettering’s Safer Community Teams were out in force around the town last week speaking to residents to find out their issues and monitored drink driving.

Officers also visited schools to warn pupils of the dangers of drugs.

Kettering inspector Richard Aistrop said: “The week of action has been a success on many levels and I am pleased we have been able to speak to so many people across the district about what concerns they have, while also offering reassurance to those people who have been the victims of crime.

“The main part of our work as Safer Community Teams is getting out and speaking to people in Kettering, finding out what their concerns are and tackling them.

“But it is also about providing support to the community, which is why we work so closely with schools, helping them where we can with the education of our children.

“We regularly go into schools to teach youngsters about the dangers of illegal substances and the interactive way that is done helps the children understand the subject and why it is wrong to take drugs.”

On Monday, June 18, officers monitored cars going down Rockingham Road, and during During the course of the day they stopped 58 vehicles but no one was found to be drink driving.

Three drivers were issued with fixed penalty notices for speeding which will see them receive three points on their licence and a £60 fine.

Also, 16 motorists failed to produce documents and were issued with forms requiring them to visit their local police station to present them.

The following day, officers monitored speeding in Deeble Road, with one fixed penalty handed out.

Officers were busy throughout the week, with visits to St Thomas More Primary School and other schools in Rothwell and Barton Seagrave, as well as regular patrols near schools in Broughton, Cranford and Geddington.

There was also a Have Your Say event at Tesco in Carina Way, when more than 30 members of the public attended to speak to officers.

PCSOs also made visits to people in the area who have been having problems with anti-social behaviour, to make sure they were getting all of the support they required.