Never mind the costumes – TV show can’t get enough of Geoff

A DIMINUTIVE ‘ugly model’ is hoping to land a big part after being invited back for a third appearance on Never Mind the Buzzcocks.

The 4ft 11ins musician, stripper and model Geoff Sergison, 59, of Kettering, was given a speaking part on the BBC panel show’s end of series compilation last Thursday after appearing in the line-up round twice.

Mr Sergison, who landed the roles after signing up with the Ugly Model agency, said: “It was great. It was nice someone recognised me and put me forward.

“It would be nice to be in something a bit more substantial, like EastEnders or an advert.”

Mr Sergison appeared in the first line-up with 1970s band Racey’s drummer.

In reference to the group’s 1979 hit Some Girls, he was referred to as ‘Some Girls Like This Look’.

Dressed in a glossy suit and stood next to an identically clothed bigger man, the panellists said it was like the 1988 Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger film Twins 20 years on.

Ironically, as a body builder Mr Sergison has more in common with Arnie than Mr DeVito and refers to himself as ‘Arnold Schwarzenipper’.

The following week he had a chance to show off his body when he appeared topless with a boa constrictor, modelling the species which rocker Alice Cooper uses in his stage shows.

Mr Sergison, himself a drummer with 1960s and 70s band Norman and the Nerds, said: “It was OK. It’s their show and whatever they asked for I would do, within reason. You know it’s a comedy show and you are on there for the audience’s enjoyment.”

His professional attitude was obviously recognised as the show’s producers invited him back to film a sketch with The Inbetweeners star Greg Davies that linked some of the series’ highlights.

He also appeared after the credits having his head stroked.

Mr Sergison, of Lyveden Place, told none of his colleagues in the linen room of Kettering General Hospital he was appearing on the show.

He said: “When I went back in they asked if it was me and I came clean and said yes.

“Some of them came up and touched me, saying that they wanted to touch someone who had been on television.”

Since then he has been recognised in the supermarket and at Wilkinsons.

“It was great to be recognised,” he said.

Since signing with the modelling agency three years ago Mr Sergison was called up for a recording of ITV show Odd One In, but was edited out of the programme. Now his career is on the up.