MOST girls dream of having a personal stylist to follow them around and make them look like a princess, but a local waitress is turning it into a career.

After customers at Frankie and Bennys in Kettering started begging to be served “by Kate Middleton”, Heidi Agan, of Oakley Vale, Corby, joined a lookalike agency and now jobs are pouring in.

The mum-of-two, who is off to London for a glossy magazine shoot today, said: “Customers were coming in four or five times a day and saying‘you look just like her’. Then they started bringing their friends.

“Little girls were saying: ‘Can Kate serve me? I want Kate to serve me. There were so many people saying something I had to do something about it.”

When Heidi, 31, was called for her first shoot for Gatwick Airport four days after signing up to the Susan Scott agency last month, holidaymakers stopped to take photos.

She said: “I did a few changes and they pushed me round on a trolley. It was an exciting day.”

As a lookalike Heidi will star in magazine shoots and television adverts and appear at corporate events and private parties.

She now has to have facials and her nails and eyebrows done regularly and her hair styled before each job. Her stylist Jenna, of Queens Hairdressing in Rothwell, will go down to London with her today.

She also has to scour newspapers and magazines for what the future queen is wearing and buy replicas.

Heidi’s two-year-old daughter Abigail asks if photographs of the Duchess are of her mum and her son Blake, 10, asks if they are going to go to live in a palace.

But the proudest member of her family is her grandmother, who is a huge Princess Diana fan. When Diana married Prince Charles Heidi’s grandfather bought her a replica of the ring, which Heidi now wears as part of her costume.

Heidi said: “She loves it. She phones me all the time to find out what I’m doing.”

But the single mum is still looking for her own prince charming.

She said: “My little boy says: ‘You never know. One day he might ditch her.”

Stacey Seamarks, owner of Queens Haridressing, said: “We like to offer a royal service and it’s not surprising she’d choose Queens.”