Nurse who gave KGH patient prescriptions without qualifications suspended

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A former KGH nurse who claimed he had the relevant qualification gave a patient prescriptions without the authority to do so.

Andrew Richardson has been suspended for three months after facing an NMC (Nursing and Midwifery Council) hearing about his actions in January 2015.

The hearing heard how Richardson, an acute oncology nurse, was working at the hospital when it was on ‘black alert’.

Concerns were raised about Mr Richardson not having followed the correct procedures.

A colleague reviewed the notes of the patient, which showed that Mr Richardson had prescribed and administered tazcoin and paracetamol.

Mr Richardson explained to his colleague that he was a nurse prescriber and was permitted to prescribe the medication.

The colleague checked the NMC’s register and noted that it did not appear on the register that Mr Richardson had a nurse prescriber qualification, nor did this qualification come up following a search of the hospital’s own records.

A meeting was held with Mr Richardson and he was asked whether or not he was a nurse prescriber.

He said that he was qualified but had taken an ‘old style’ course and there had been issues moving his qualification over.

He also said he had ‘not got around’ to filling in paperwork to do so.

Mr Richardson also failed to complete a medical review of the patient, recorded that he had told a doctor of the patient’s condition when he hadn’t and didn’t escalate continued low blood pressure.

Mr Richardson, who admitted all allegations, was dismissed from his role at the trust.

He has now been suspended for three months with an interim suspension of 18 months to cover any appeal.

The panel hearing concluded: “While this appears to be related to a single incident, the panel considered Mr Richardson’s actions following the incident undermined his honesty and integrity as a nurse.

“By deliberately attempting to mislead his colleague to cover up his actions, he demonstrated that his level of honesty and integrity at the time and following the incident was far short of what is expected of a registered nurse.”

KGH has been contacted for a comment.