Number of house repossessions falls in Northamptonshire

cleared from horsham graphics
cleared from horsham graphics

The number of housing repossession claims made between April and June this year is down by more than a third compared with the previous year.

There were 210 mortgage possession claims raised in Northamptonshire in the second quarter of the year – 35 per cent less than the previous year.

Nationally there was a 20 per cent reduction in the number of repossession claims.

The picture across the county was varied. The following information shows each area with the number of repossession claims raised and the percentage change compared with the same period in 2011.

Corby: 30 (-9 per cent)

East Northamptonshire: 25 (-49 per cent)

Kettering: 40 (nine per cent)

Wellingborough: 25 (-24 per cent)

Daventry: 15 (-50 per cent)

Northampton: 65 (-46 per cent)

The number of home repossessions has fallen to its lowest level in a year-and-a-half despite the toughening economy, lenders said today.

There were 8,500 repossessions between April and June this year, marking the lowest quarterly total since the last three months of 2010, the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) said.

The CML said the figures indicate that repossessions are so far on a “lower trajectory” than its previous forecast that they will rise to 45,000 by the end of the year.

But it warned that the stable pattern could still be disrupted amid the Bank of England’s weak forecasts for economic growth.

The CML’s director general Paul Smee said: “The figures show that lenders, borrowers and debt advisers are working together to get through the current period of economic difficulty and keep mortgage possessions in check.

“Generally, when borrowers prioritise their mortgage commitments, lenders can provide help appropriate to their individual circumstances.

“But success in managing temporary payment problems depends on everyone working together, and it is essential for anyone worried about their mortgage to talk to their lender as soon as possible.”