Nuisance dog barking is subject of campaign

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A council that received nearly 400 noise complaints last year will focus on tackling barking dogs during a week-long noise crackdown.

Noise Action Week, an annual event aimed at increasing awareness about noise, begins on Monday.

East Northamptonshire Council received nearly 400 noise complaints from residents in 2013, ranging from fireworks to loud music and this year the council is focussing on the theme of barking dogs.

Dogs bark to communicate, to protect their owners and their property, and to explain when they are unwell, scared or bored. But when barking is misunderstood or ignored problems can quickly arise with neighbours.

The council’s top tips to prevent excessive barking from your dog are:

• Take them for a walk before leaving them on their own

• Leave them alone for the shortest time possible

• The TV or radio could be left on low to block out outside noise

• Consider closing the curtains so outside movements don’t upset them

• Make sure they have a safe place to go to where they feel secure

• If left outside, consider where the kennel is placed to prevent frustration and distraction

For further information on noise complaints in the district visit or telephone 01832 742156.