Nuisance bikers targeted as child nearly hit in Wellingborough

PCSO Chris Howard as he patrols Shelley Park
PCSO Chris Howard as he patrols Shelley Park

Police are keen to clamp down on young people illegally riding mini-motos and off-road motorcycles after a child was almost run over.

Officers have been called to a number of incidents on the Queensway estate in Wellingborough after young people were seen riding off-road motorcycles, mini-motorcycles and quad bikes in the area.

During one incident in Shelley Road a small child was almost hit by someone riding a large green trials motorcycle.

The rider was described as a white man who was about 20 years old.

Police would also like to speak to the rider of a new blue and white trials motorcycle who has been frequently seen riding in the greenbelt area behind Stanwell Way.

The rider is described as white and was wearing a white helmet with blue lightning stripes on it.

PC Mark Jones said: “We have already dealt with a number of offenders who have been identified to us.

“We are seeking information from local residents who can identify any other people who are riding motorcycles on public pathways, parkland and also those riders who use public roads illegally.

“The riders of these motorcycles are causing a danger to residents and also to themselves as most of them are not wearing helmets or protective clothing.”

Insp Julie Mead, Wellingborough sector commander, said: “Motorcycle nuisance is something which affects a lot of people and it’s something we are trying to be extra-vigilant about.

“I would encourage the community to support us by identifying the offenders, which gives us the chance to take action.

“The actions of one person could affect hundreds of people through the noise they make.”