Nuclear waste site protestors plan demonstration

Residents of King’s Cliffe and surrounding villages are to lobby county councillors’ in their fight to stop a low level nuclear waste dump in the county doubling in size.

They are to hold a demonstration on Tuesday (July 24) before a meeting of the county council’s development control committee.

Councillors are to discuss a planning application by Augean which is seeking to double its site at King’s Cliffe where low level radioactive waste is processed.

Councillors are set to discuss a Local Impact Report which will recommend no objection to the plans.

In March 2010 the county council committee refused planning consent for Augean to dispose of low level radioactive waste at the site, as it had previously done with hazardous waste disposal.

Both decisions were later overturned by the Secretary of State following appeals.

Local residents, and members of the campaign group Wastewatchers, fought a determined battle against the previous applications, and they intend to keep up the pressure against the extension plans.

Chris Leuchars, from Wastewatchers, said “We will speak up at this meeting to show councillors that we support their previous courageous stand, and that we are still strongly against this type of waste coming to the area.

“For councillors to resolve not to object when there has been no change in waste policy would represent an extraordinary turnaround, and would appear to invalidate their previous decision.”

Campaigners are concerned that due to the collapse of other applications to take the waste, King’s Cliffe is now one of only two sites licensed to process this type of material and is also the largest.

They say it is the only site in the country taking both hazardous and low level radioactive, a potentially dangerous mixture, they claim.

Campaigners say the waste is already coming from as far away as Scotland, involving hundreds of miles of unnecessary vehicle movements.

Earlier this month the company held an open day at the King’s Cliffe site for residents to find out more about the operation.

The main aim of the open day was to show how the site is monitored by Augean, under the conditions of the Environmental Permits that are needed to operate the hazardous landfill site, but also by the Environment Agency which regulates the site.