Nuclear fallout area needs aid

SKILLED workers, volunteers and financial donors are needed to help children affected by the Chernobyl disaster.

Elaine Roberts, 50, an ordained minister from Clopton who runs the Christian mission charity World Mandate Ministries, is appealing for people to travel to the Ukraine in August to carry out work at the Chernobyl hospital which helps the children of children who were affected by the radiation leak and near melt down 23 years ago. If work is not done it could be closed. She is also asking for financial donations and practical items from businesses or individuals.

She said: “The hospital give free medical assistance to poor children who would otherwise stay sick and even die. Many of the children have multiple sicknesses that affect their respiratory and endocrine systems, along with multiple cancers. The Ukraine Government pays for all medical assistance, food and lodging but not the repairs and maintenance of the hospital – that’s where we come in.”

Gina Starling, 57, of Wellingborough, travelled with Elaine and other volunteers to the hospital in 2009 when the work they carried out ensured the building was re-classified for another three years.

Skilled workers, including tilers and grouters, carpenters, plumbers and electricians, are needed to go on the trip in August. Workers are also needed to do painting and cleaning. People who want to go will have to be able to cover their own travel costs.

Any corporate donors will be recognised both locally and within the Ukraine with a plaque honouring their work and gift. To make a donation send a cheque or postal order to World Mandate Ministries, Mandate House, Clopton, NN14 3DZ.

People interested in working at the orphanage in August can email