Not all thrive on state benefits

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The benefit claimants in the chart (Evening Telegraph, Tuesday) do not tell the whole story.

For example, there are a number of unemployed people who cannot claim Jobseekers’ Allowance – either contribution or income based – because their husband/wife/partner works more than 24 hours a week or has savings.

There is no breakdown of the number of families claiming the £97.3m housing benefit and council tax.

So the Government is proposing to award benefits of up to £26,000, which as you say equates to £35,000 gross per annum. I don’t see many jobs in the East Midlands offering a salary of this scope.

This is the same Government that expects the elderly to sell their homes to finance care home fees should they need help in their later years.

Why are home owners illegible for housing benefit? Should they lose their homes if for example they are made redundant?

Whilst there are genuine and deserving cases it seems once your claim is accepted there are a considerable number of claimants who appear to do very well from the benefits system’s.

Dave Cornhill

Lyle Court,