#northantshour makes the move from social media to the real world

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Two worlds are set to collide as users of #northantshour prepare to leave their iPads at home and meet face to face instead.

The hashtag #northantsnews has been a huge success since its launch to encourage networking and promote all that’s good about the county for an hour each week.

And now its users have pledged to meet up for real with an event planned at Behind The Bus Stop, a regular #northantshour contributor, in Wellingborough Road, Northampton, at 7pm on Tuesday, June 25.

Daniel Owens, a director of Orange Juice Communications which is promoting the event, said: “The impact of #northantshour has been extraordinary.

“It has enabled local companies to do business with each other, it has brought people together and it has massively raised the profile of the county.

“Social media is a force for good and nothing shows that better than #northantshour.

“Getting all the regulars together to meet for real will be fantastic.”

The networking session runs from 8pm to 9pm every Thursday and involves businesses, residents and other local tweeters introducing themselves and ‘meeting’ new people from all walks of life across Northamptonshire.

Its popularity has grown to the extent that it regularly trends in the UK.

Those taking part include Northamptonshire Police, a number of local restaurants, sports clubs, bloggers and media outlets – as well as hundreds of avid social media users keen to find out more about what’s going on locally.

Behind The Bus Stop landlord Paul Tyrrell said: “We absolutely love #northantshour and it’s really helped raise our profile.

“It’s great fun chatting to everyone on a Thursday night and we’re really looking forward to hosting what promises to be a superb evening.

“The one thing #northantshour has shown is that there’s some fantastic people in Northamptonshire, getting them all in one room at the same time will be brilliant.”

All #northantshour users have been invited to the event.

Anyone planning to attend is asked to contact @behindthebussto through twitter.