Northants weather: Get ready for midweek heatwave

It's going to get increasingly warm by the middle of the week so be prepared
It's going to get increasingly warm by the middle of the week so be prepared

It’s going to get increasingly warm by the middle of the week so be prepared.

There will be increased UV and pollen levels so precautions are advised.

The sun now is as strong as it is at the end of August so fair skin can burn in about 30 minutes without protection.

Northants meteorologist Paul Barber from Forecasts4u has provided this forecast exclusively for the Northants Telegraph.

Monday: A cold and bright start to the day with plenty of sunshine but this sunshine will become increasingly hazy as cloudier conditions spread up from the south although most places will remain dry.

Maximum temperatures in the range of 15°C to 16°C, feeling warmer than the weekend with lighter winds.

Tuesday: Early mist, fog and low cloud will readily clear to leave a fine and dry day across the county with plenty of sunshine developing.

The sunshine will help lift temperatures up to highs of 19°C or 20°C with light to moderate south-westerly winds.

Wednesday: Patches of mist and fog first thing will soon clear and another fine and mostly sunny day is expected across the region.

It will become warmer still with maximum temperatures of 21°C or 22°C, well above normal for mid-April whilst winds will be light to moderate south/south-westerlies.

Thursday: A cooler and cloudier day is expected as a weak cold front drifts down from the north.

The odd shower is possible, but most places will stay dry and there could be some bright spells developing at times.

Temperatures reaching 13°C to 15°C and feeling cooler in a moderate northeast wind.

Friday: High pressure is set to reassert itself meaning plenty of fine and dry weather once again but with winds coming in from the east or northeast it will be cooler with temperatures closer to normal, reaching 13°C to 15°C.

Weekend: Mostly fine and settled with high pressure dominating and while temperatures will be lower than earlier in the week, it will still feel very pleasant in the sunshine.