Northants Telegraph readers think David Cameron will be Prime Minister after election

Prime minister David Cameron
Prime minister David Cameron

A poll of Northants Telegraph readers shows 60 per cent think David Cameron will still be the Prime Minister after the General Election.

Only 32 per cent of those who replied thought Labour’s Ed Miliband would be the country’s leader after May 7, and nobody thought Lib Dems leader Nick Clegg would be in charge.

Readers have been telling us who they think will win in May and what issues are important to them.

The most important issue is health, with immigration coming a close second.

Readers also want the candidates to outline their approach to Europe and welfare.

We put some of the survey’s findings to the main parties.

Conservative MP for Kettering Philip Hollobone said: “I am not surprised to see the NHS, immigration and Britain’s relationship with the EU as the main concerns, because this is what I have been finding on the doorstep.

“I am really pleased that the three MPs for the Telegraph area have been working on a cross-party basis to attract more investment into Kettering General Hospital’s A&E department and if re-elected we are pledged to continue this.

“Immigration and the EU are linked together, because the UK cannot control immigration effectively while it remains a member of the EU.

“To leave the EU we need a referendum; and the only way to get a referendum is to elect a Conservative government.”

The Labour MP for Corby and East Northamptonshire Andy Sawford said: “I am not surprised to see that the NHS is the number one issue.

“Corby’s health services are currently underfunded and I have been highlighting this in Parliament.

“I have also been working to protect and improve services at Kettering General Hospital.

“Labour is the party of the NHS and I believe that people will strongly support Ed Miliband’s long-term plan for our NHS with a tax on mansions to fund 20,000 more nurses and 8,000 more GPs.”

Northamptonshire UKIP MEP Margot Parker said: “The results reflect closely what we have been hearing on the doorstep – people are worried about the NHS.

“They have seen privatisation begin under Labour and all the Conservative attempts at improvement have delivered nothing but failure and crisis.

“They are also worried about immigration and the UK’s relationship with Europe, two issues which are inextricably connected.

“We cannot control our borders while we are a part of the EU, and David Cameron’s attempts to reduce net migration numbers have done nothing except exclude highly skilled immigrants from outside the EU while allowing mass unskilled labour to flood in from EU member states in enormous numbers.”

Peter Bone, the Conservative MP for Wellingborough, said: “The survey reflects what people are saying to us through our Listening Campaign, although we’re hearing that immigration is people’s number one concern with health and the EU about the same.

“No-one really knows who will win nationally but I hope the people of Wellingborough like my message.

“I want us out of the EU and only the Conservatives can deliver a referendum.”

The Lib Dems did not reply to requests for a comment.