Northants Police chief constable to face no charges over investigation allegations

Northamptonshire Police Chief Constable Adrian Lee and Crime Commissioner Adam Simmonds
Northamptonshire Police Chief Constable Adrian Lee and Crime Commissioner Adam Simmonds

Northants Police’s chief constable has been told there is no case to answer over allegations of criminal wrongdoing in relation to the investigation of a gangland murder in 2002.

Chief Constable Adrian Lee was told in November last year the Crown Prosecution Service would be taking no criminal action against him.

At the time the Independent Police Complaints Commmission, which has been investigating the case since December 2011, had yet to present its findings to the relevant authorities, including the police commissioner for Northamptonshire, Adam Simmonds.

Today it has been confirmed Mr Lee will face no charges from the IPCC.

Mr Lee’s statement reads: “By now many of you will have heard the Police and Crime Commissioner’s formal announcement that there is no case to answer in relation to the allegations I faced under Operation Kalmia and the Police and Crime Commissioner as the appropriate authority, having taken the best legal advice, has concluded that it is clear that there is no case to answer.

“This has been a difficult time for me personally, coming as it did during a highly challenging period for Northamptonshire Police in which we have seen enormous transformational change against a background of continuing austerity.

“Throughout this long investigation, however, I have received nothing but support from colleagues the length and breadth of the Force – not least a concern for my welfare from the Police and Crime Commissioner Adam Simmonds.

“You have placed your trust in me since the allegations first became public.

“I recognise too the support given to me by the many organisations and individuals outside the force with whom we have forged strong and lasting ties over the years.

“You have helped to ensure that the investigation has never been a distraction to fulfilling our core duty, that of protecting our communities and preventing crime.

“Today we have reached a point where it is now clear that there was no substance to the allegations made against me.

“I have always known this – it is regrettable that it has taken others over three years to reach the same conclusion.

“I remain fiercely proud of what Northamptonshire Police has achieved over this time and what it continues to achieve as we go forward in an increasingly challenging world.

“Thank you once again for your support.”