Northamptonshire’s violent crime rate higher than Merseyside’s

PCC Adam Simmonds
PCC Adam Simmonds

A new crime survey for England and Wales has revealed that Northamptonshire has a higher rate for violent crime per head of population than Merseyside.

And the figures, just published by the Office for National Statistics, show that for total recorded crime in the 12 months up to June, the county was the worst in the East Midlands.

In Northamptonshire there were 65 recorded crimes for every 1,000 people, compared with 63 for Nottinghamshire, 57 for Leicestershire, 52 for Lincolnshire and 51 for Derbyshire.

In the county there were 11 crimes of violence recorded for every 1,000 people, compared with eight for Merseyside, seven for Durham, 10 for Greater Manchester and nine for West Mercia.

Northamptonshire also had more recorded offences of theft, per head of population, than Merseyside, with 34 crimes for every 1,000 people compared with 31.

Only seven out of the 43 police forces serving England and Wales recorded higher rates for theft than Northamptonshire and they included the Metropolitan Police.

Earlier this month it was announced that crime across Northamptonshire fell by 14.4 per cent from April to September, representing 3,461 fewer offences.

Despite the downward trend, Northamptonshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner Adam Simmonds has admitted there is still work to do to reduce offending.

He said: “While crime in Northamptonshire has fallen in recent years, and continues to fall, it is fair to say that some types of crime are still causing us concern.

“The number of theft offences in Northamptonshire is unacceptable and we are committing a large number of officers to tackling robberies, thefts, burglaries and vehicle crime through Operation Guardian.

“Violent crime has fallen by 15 per cent over the last year but, per 1,000 population, the number of violent crime offences in this county is second only to Nottinghamshire compared to other forces in the East Midlands region.

“But while we do rank higher than Merseyside, we also rank lower than rural areas such as Devon and Cornwall and North Wales.

“In the case of Merseyside, their number of violent crime offences showed the second-highest increase nationally in the year up to the end of June.

“In that same period, we had the second-highest reduction in violent crime offences.

“Reducing violent crime is a major priority in my Police and Crime Plan and I remain confident we are heading in the right direction in our aim to make Northamptonshire the safest place in the country.”

Tackling offending

The new figures by the Office of National Statistics show that Northamptonshire is enjoying good results in the fight against crime.

In the year up to June there were fewer crimes of violence, robbery, fraud, criminal damage and public disorder.

However, there were more burglaries compared with the year ending June, 2012. Shoplifting and offences of theft from the person also increased.