Northamptonshire rail route closed for engineering works

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The Corby to Manton Junction railway line that crosses Harringworth Viaduct has been closed to rail traffic since last weekend to allow engineering work to be carried out at Manton Junction where railway lines merge with the Leicester-Peterborough route.

It is understood major improvements to track and signaling are taking place to improve line speed and capacity at this increasingly busy railway junction.

David Fursdon, of Railfuture East Midlands branch, welcomed the work to improve the infastructure to allow for better services for both passenger and freight trains in the area and said there had been minimal distruption while the work has been done although some rail services had been diverted.

He added: “The Kettering to Manton route is expected to become busier as the railway continues to expand and more route capacity is needed. This work will help the pathing for passenger and frieght trains and reduce journey times.”