Northamptonshire Police to feature in new TV show

Police body camera
Police body camera

Northamptonshire Police are to feature in a new 10-part series to be aired on the ‘Pick’ Freeview channel, called BritCam.

The first episode will be aired this Sunday, April 20, at 9pm.

Over the past few weeks, film crews have been out and about with officers, who now wear cutting-edge mobile body cameras to capture the incidents they are called to.

BritCam uses point-of-view body cameras to give viewers a look in to the working lives of those serving in the front line services.

A large portion of the series will feature Northamptonshire’s police officers, along with footage that they have captured on their body cameras.

Chief Constable for Northamptonshire Police, Adrian Lee, said: “This series will give viewers the opportunity to see the work police officers do day in, day out, and the challenges they face, and I think they’re in for a surprise.

“Body cameras are now a vital part of an officer’s toolkit, and have many advantages for the force, including the capture of primary evidence, positively influencing officers’ efficiency and accountability, and the behaviour of the public when they realise they are being filmed.”

Adam Simmonds, Northamptonshire Police and Crime Commissioner, said: “I am delighted that Northamptonshire Police will feature so prominently in this series. One of the ambitions I set in my Police and Crime Plan is for a more evidence based approach to policing, and body worn video is an important development in that approach.

“I have also said that wherever it is financial viable and possible, officers should have access to the most cutting edge technology to enable them to carry out their roles more efficiently and effectively.

“There is no doubt that this use of technology has not only improved the level of service the force gives to the public, but also ensured that less police time is spent responding to complaints and more time dedicated to policing the frontline.”

Pick can be found at channel 11 on Freeview, channel 152 on Sky and channel 180 on Virgin Media.