Northamptonshire Police target foreign criminals on county roads

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Police are targeting foreign criminals travelling on the county’s roads this week.

Officers are carrying out roadside checks and using automatic number plate recognition to crack down on foreign nationals involved in criminal activity.

Some travelling gangs are thought to be involved in offences such as shoplifting, fraud, metal theft and theft from motor vehicles – for instance of catalytic converters. These criminal gangs move around the country and are not linked to any particular communities.

Officers from Romania, Lithuania and Poland are in the UK to join the campaign, based at a central call centre. Officers will be able to contact them and carry out real-time checks on drivers and occupants, to see if they are wanted by police in their home countries.

Specialist operations inspector, Neil Dorothy, said: “Many offenders use the road network to travel from area to area in an attempt to avoid getting caught.

“Their activity has a damaging impact on communities and businesses alike. We want to protect the public from the misery they cause.

“Along with other forces and our European counterparts, we are developing a robust system to tackle this issue.”