Northamptonshire Police make arrests following foreign criminals crackdown

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A crackdown on foreign criminals using Northamptonshire’s roads saw 50 traffic offences detected.

Northamptonshire Police took part in the national operation which involved carrying out roadside checks as well as the use of automatic number place recognition (ANPR) throughout last week.

It is believed that some travelling gangs are thought to be involved in offences such as shoplifting, fraud, metal theft and theft from vehicles and move around the country while committing crime.

It is estimated there are, at any one time, between 15,000 and 30,000 foreign registered vehicles present on the UK’s roads.

During the operation Northamptonshire Police;

- made seven arrests for crimes

- 50 traffic offences were detected and prosecuted

- eight foreign vehicles were seized for not having road tax

- 32 vehicles were seized because the drivers didn’t have insurance and/or a driving licence.

Inspector Neil Dorothy, from specialist operations, said: “We are determined to make Northamptonshire’s roads as safe as possible and will continue to be involved in operations like this.

“Our message is clear; we will continue to target those people who insist on using our roads illegally or dangerously putting the lives of others at risk.”