Northamptonshire fans cheer on England

England fans watch the Euro 2012 game with France in the Beeswing pub, Kettering.
England fans watch the Euro 2012 game with France in the Beeswing pub, Kettering.

Fans got to the bar, in front of the television and behind the team as England kicked off their Euro 2012 campaign.

County supporters seemed satisfied with a point as England drew 1-1 with France this evening.

Keith Kelly, 42, of Kettering, who watched the game in the Earl of Dalkeith pub, said: “It was a fair game and a fair result to be honest.

“I was impressed. I didn’t expect much from England with a new team together and a new manager.”

Pubs in Kettering were busy despite the 5pm kick off and the game being shown on terrestrial television.

About 45 people were in front of the two big televisions in the Beeswing for the start, rising to about 70 by halftime.

More than 100 were in the Earl of Dalkeith, with more England shirts on show. England flags were hanging from the first floor balcony opposite the big screen with bunting bridging strung across the gap.

Fans shot to their feet cheering when England scored through Joleon Lescott’s first half header and clapped through all of the replays.

Nick Mullen, of Kettering, said: “It was a good header.”

Groans filled the air as Samir Nasri equalised nine minutes later.

Spectators appeared to be getting more into the game as the players’ confidence grew in the second half. They clapped every corner, every catch, every clearance and every substitution in the Earl of Dalkeith.

Maurice Coldicott, 69, of Carrington Street, Kettering, said: “I always have a nice time in the Earl. They’ve got good bar staff and a good atmosphere – and with England playing that’s why I’m here.”

Even those with little interest in football seemed to be enjoying the game.

Rhiannon Poulson, 24, of Kettering, who sat with her back to the screen in the Beeswing, said: “I’m just here for the free drinks.”

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