Northamptonshire County Council reveals 1.99 per cent tax rise

County Hall
County Hall

Northamptonshire people will be asked to pay a 1.99 per cent increase on their council tax bills for county council services.

The county council budget is set to be discussed by the authority at a meeting on Thursday, February 20, and if approved will mean an average Band D council tax increase from £1,028.11 to £1,048.57.

The county council provides services such as roads maintenance, education and social services. Precepts for Northamptonshire Police and lower tier councils will be added to this.

A report to councillors states that the authority needs to save £126.2m over the next five years in addition to the £177m which will have already been saved by the end of the 2013-14 financial year since 2009-10.

It adds: “As the Government continues with the austerity policy through deficit reduction, the estimated funding reduction to the council is in the order of £83m over the next five years. The ever increasing demographic pressures and additional new responsibilities alongside the reduced Government funding create unsustainable pressure on the provision of public services in the county.”

The report continues: “The way public services are provided will now undergo their biggest ever transformation if they are to survive. This report and the budget proposals included within it illustrate how Northamptonshire County Council is planning to transform with new focuses, new ways of working and new priorities.”

The budget proposes £18m of savings in adult social care in 2014-15 with increased charges for people needing help.

The council is also proposing savings of £513,000 in children’s, families and education (excluding schools) services.

There could also be a cutbacks on any duplication of services by the council and NHS.