Northamptonshire county council boss meeting Prime Minister

Northamptonshire County Council’s chief executive is to meet Prime Minister David Cameron at a Downing Street reception on Wednesday to mark the beginning of the national Troubled Families Initiative.

Dr Paul Blantern has been invited to represent Northamptonshire at the reception to mark the partnership between central and local government to turn around the lives of 120,000 families who experience multiple problems.

In December 2011, £448 million was identified from Government departments to turn around the lives of Britain’s 120,000 most troubled families. Government figures estimate that £9 billion is being spent annually on these 120,000 most troubled families (based on government data collected in October and November 2011).

That works out at £75,000 per family per year, with £8 billion of this spent on reacting to the troubles of these families and just £1 billion being spent trying to turn around their lives in a targeted, positive way.

Dr Blantern said: “The government has offered local authorities 40 per cent of the cost of interventions which will be paid primarily on the achievement of successful outcomes. Those outcomes include getting children back into school, getting parents back into employment and reducing criminal and anti-social behaviour.

“In Northamptonshire, we’re currently leading on identifying which families would benefit most from participating in the initiative. I’m confident that we can build further on the success of our Family Intervention Project which has attracted national attention for its targeted support for families.”