Northamptonshire ambulance station cuts proposed

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Kettering will house the only fully equipped ambulance station in north Northamptonshire, according to plans published by the East Midlands Ambulance Trust (EMAS).

The proposals will see the nine current ambulance stations in the county scaled down to two hubs – in Kettering and Northampton – with a number of community ambulance stations.

In the north of the county, they will be situated in Desborough, Oundle, Corby, Barton Seagrave, Islip, Rushden, Stanwick and Wellingborough.

The recommendations, which will be discussed at a public board of directors meeting on Monday, March 25, make up the next stage of the Being the Best review, which EMAS hopes will cut costs and improve response times.

The community ambulance stations will provide facilities including kitchenettes, toilets and internet access for staff. All in the north of the county except for those planned for Barton Seagrave and Stanwick will be proposed to share facilities with other health or emergency service provider.

EMAS chief executive Phil Milligan said: “The aim of our Being the Best change programme has always been to improve response times to emergency 999 calls and to improve the working lives of our frontline staff.

“I am pleased our staff, and the people and organisations who have an interest in the service we provide have taken the time to be involved, to have their say and help to shape our plans.

“In the true spirit of consultation, that is what has happened. We’ve listened to the responses received during the consultation and we’ve developed and shaped our plans using that feedback.

“Our service has got to change if we are to improve. The decision we make on Monday, March 25, has to be right for our patients and right for our staff. I am confident that we will get it right for the people of the East Midlands.”