Northampton man jailed for breaching Crasbo

Northampton Magistrates Court
Northampton Magistrates Court

A Northampton man has been jailed after breaching a Criminal Anti-Social Behaviour Order.

Steven Wallace, 32, of Hermitage Way, Wootton, appeared at Northampton Magistrates’ Court on Thursday, November 6, charged with two counts of breaching the order, which was issued at an earlier hearing before Corby magistrates on October 29.

He was sentenced to 26 weeks in prison –two weeks for breaching the order and a further 24 weeks previously suspended.

The Crasbo was issued by Corby magistrates after Wallace pleaded guilty to two counts of being in charge of a dog dangerously out of control in a public place and a public order offence.

He was also convicted of two counts of shoplifting, racially aggravated harassment, battery, common assault and damage to property.

He was sentenced to 24 weeks in prison suspended for two years with supervision, 120 hours community work and attendance on an anger-management programme.

He was also ordered to pay £525 in costs and compensation and he was given a two-year restraining order and a three-year Criminal Anti-Social Behaviour Order.

Under the Crasbo, Wallace is prohibited from using threatening, abusive words or behaviour in Northampton, and having possession or control of a dog which is not muzzled and on a lead in any public place, street or highway, or which is in any private place that the defendant or the dog or dogs are not entitled to be.