Northampton digital artist Sally Sheinman selected for 2014 Lumen Online Gallery

Image 216, making friends faraway inspired by Byeongsam Kim by Sally Sheinman
Image 216, making friends faraway inspired by Byeongsam Kim by Sally Sheinman

A unique digital portrait created by digital artist Sally Sheinman has been selected for the 2014 Lumen Online Gallery, an international global exhibition that celebrates the very best art created digitally.

Focusing the world’s attention on a new and exciting genre, the Lumen Online Gallery provides a global platform for the world’s best digital artists.

All work has to be created, at least in part, on tablets, digital cameras, smart phones or computers and is judged by a panel of art specialists, curators and academics.

Only 100 works from more than 40 countries have been selected for inclusion in this year’s gallery.

Open now, the public are invited to vote for a People’s Choice Award, given by Lumen’s CEO and Founder, Carla Rapoport for exceptional quality work, using the uniquely enabling aspects of digital art Image 216, making friends faraway inspired by Byeongsam Kim, is one of 250 images that are part of Sally Sheinman’s interactive, online, digital art project.

Sally explains: “Digital and social interactivity are both crucial aspects of my work.

“Using interactive digital art, I capture what makes people different because I’m fascinated by people, their similarities and differences - genetically, culturally, socially, and individually.

“I always have been. I’m also motivated by the infinite scope of the question and drawing people into a dialogue with me and my painting practice, through simple yet big questions.

“Creating each individual and personal portrait on my iPad - using the Brushes app – now takes me several days.

“You might imagine that the iPad is fast but actually it takes many hours to draw in fine detail.

“What makes using digital technology such an exciting medium for me is that I literally have my canvas with me.

“I can work anywhere in the world and anyone can connect with me from across the world.

“What Makes You You? is an online meeting place, connecting individual souls through digital technology.”

Answers to the question What Makes You, You? are sent in to Sally via the website, on Facebook or Twitter at #WhatMakesYouYou.

Answers received are inspiration for Sally’s unique ipad image, a new kind of portraiture.

The Lumen Prize Exhibition & global tour kicks off at Cardiff School of Art & Design on October 8.