Nominate your heroes for Rushden mayor awards

Rushen mayor David Jenney
Rushen mayor David Jenney

A town mayor is looking to honour those who work tirelessly to help and serve their community.

Rushden mayor David Jenney is asking people to nominate those who they believe should be recognised as part of the annual mayor’s awards.

Previous winners include a milkman, a fitness instructor and a Guide leader.

Cllr Jenney said: “We are looking for anybody who has served the community, it is very wide ranging.

“We are looking for somebody who has done something for any of the communities in the town or it may be your next door neighbour who has looked after auntie Flo.

“Normally we award four or five awards.

“We try and give it out to people who are obviously deserving.”

The awards are made at the end of the civic year, and Cllr Jenney added: “It is always nice to reward people.”

A spokesman for Rushden Town Council said: “The mayor’s award is given to an individual for their work and commitment within the community of Rushden over a number of years.”

Last year’s awards saw recognition given to four people, including milkman Russell Sturgen.

He was nominated by Cllr Sarah Peacock for always going above and beyond the call of duty as a milkman, and always having a smile for his customers.

Bill Scott was put forward by Brian Judge for more than 40 years of visiting pubs and clubs in the Rushden area selling the Salvation Army’s weekly papers.

His efforts have helped raise a great amount of money for the Salvation Army.

Marie Burton was recognised for her involvement in Guiding for more than 60 years after being put forward by Sandy Reeve.

There was also recognition for Barbara Carter, who was nominated by George Thompson after being involved in teaching fitness classes for up to 30 years.

She has taught swimming, life-saving and aerobics over the years.

Group nominations are not usually accepted, although a member of a group can be nominated for their work within the organisation.

If you would like to nominate someone, send the name and address of the nominee with a brief description of why you are nominating them and post it to the town clerk at Rushden Town Council, Rushden Hall, Hall Park, Rushden, NN10 9NG.

All nominations should be received by March 7.