Noisy neighbour has music equipment confiscated by Kettering Council

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A Kettering Council tenant had all her home entertainment equipment confiscated after she breached a Community Protection Notice by continuing to cause nuisance to her neighbours with loud music.

The council applied to Northampton Magistrates Court for a warrant to enter the premises in Hertford Road, Kettering, and seize equipment under the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014.

If a tenant’s conduct continues to be a problem, the council will take further action to bring the tenancy to an end.

Any device capable of causing a noise nuisance such as televisions, games consoles and IT devices can be seized and held pending prosecution or the owner may be given the option of paying a fee for the return of the items after 28 days.

Head of housing John Conway said: “This is the first time that the council, as a landlord, has taken action to seize music and entertainment equipment which has caused a disturbance to neighbours.

“When tenants sign their tenancy agreements, they agree not to cause a nuisance within their neighbourhoods.

“The council expects tenants to keep to their tenancy agreements but where there is evidence that this is not happening, we will take whatever action is necessary to deal with the situation.”