Noise levels may force fitness studio closure

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A 200-member fitness studio may be shut down after neighbours complained it was like living next to a building site.

Rylo’s Fitness Studio in The Avenue, Rothwell, would have one week to close and three months to remove all equipment if councillors agree to the shut down next Tuesday.

A report by planning officer Alan Davies for Kettering Council’s planning committee calling for enforcement action said a development officer who visited a neighbour on March 13 reported: “The disturbance experienced was akin to workmen demolishing walls in the adjoining building.

“The noise could be heard in every habitable room of 4 The Avenue.”

Mr Davies said the noise was such a harmful level a Stop Notice, which would force the fitness studio to stop operating immediately, is needed.

Classes were brought to an abrupt stop last week when officers from Kettering Council issued a temporary stop notice at 5pm on Wednesday.

Owner Samantha Burton, who opened the gym six months ago, has no planning permission to operate the business in the former factory.

She has now applied but planning officers say there is no chance of permission because the old building cannot meet noise regulations.

Mr Davies said the first floor fitness studio has an old, thin timber floor supported by pillars, which transmits the sound nextdoor. The biggest problem is the sound and vibration from people running on the spot or jumping up and down in the studio.

The development officer reported a ‘Vibroplate’ machine in a ground floor studio also causes noise and vibration “akin to the low buzzing of a microwave oven” next door.

The most harmful period was when fitness classes were held between 5.30pm and 9.30pm from Monday to Friday, when the neighbours may be at home.

The sound of a television or radio would drown out the noise, but Mr Davies said this was unacceptable. The increase in cars parking in The Avenue has also caused problems. The gym has a car park for five vehicles.

Karl Sumpter, chairman of Rothwell Town Council, said: “I’m a bit surprised that they have come down like they have done when it’s a community project.

“Sam’s got my support and the support of the council.”