No plans to alter ‘unsafe’ Kettering junction despite residents’ petition

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No Caption ABCDE NNL-170727-102602005

A petition calling for traffic-calming measures at a Kettering junction has attracted more than 300 signatures – but the county council says it won’t be installing any.

Rosemary Hooper started the petition over the junction between Bath Road and North Park Drive, which gained the support of Kettering councillors and county councillor for the ward Bill Parker.

Residents, councillors and Northamptonshire Highways discussed possible solutions at a meeting earlier this month, including a mini-roundabout and returning to a T-junction layout.

But the authority now says the area is not viewed as hazardous and won’t be making improvments.

A spokesman for Northamptonshire County Council said: “With a limited budget, the introduction of any road safety measures need to be considered where there is the greatest need.

“There have been one serious and one slight recorded injury collisions in the past three years at this location.

“Given the relative heavy usage at this junction, this area would not be viewed as hazardous, with most drivers negotiating this safely.

“To change the existing layout could also have the potential to increase the current low level of recorded accidents.

“There are therefore no plans to install traffic-calming measures on the basis that we need to direct our resources to the most collision-affected sections of the road network.”

The layout of the junction currently suffers from poor visibility.

One incident saw a car crashing through an adjacent garden wall, leaving the house’s occupant “scared to use her living room” according to Kettering councillor Ash Davies.

Cllr Davies said: “I am grateful to Mrs Hooper for her efforts in attracting more than 300 signatures so far.

“There are clear concerns about the safety of this junction and it is important local residents are taken seriously as we seek a permanent and deliverable solution.”