No need for election for Little Stanion’s new parish council

Little Stanion
Little Stanion

An election for Little Stanion’s new parish council will not be needed.

Following the community governance review conducted in 2017, it was agreed that a parish council be created for the area known as Little Stanion.

Little Stanion Parish Council came into being on April 1, 2018, and is no longer part of Stanion Parish.

Corby Council appointed an interim parish council until the successful candidates take their appointed roles to enable certain administrative decisions to be made ahead of the election.

The election scheduled for the new parish council on May 3 will no longer take place because at close of nominations, there were not enough candidates to hold an election.

Candidates are to take up office four days after the date of the scheduled election, at the first meeting of the parish council in the presence of the proper officer of the parish council ie the parish clerk.

During interim arrangements any correspondence for Little Stanion Parish Council should be directed to Paul Goult at Corby Council, The Cube, George Street, Corby, Northamptonshire, NN17 1QG or email