No fair play for Saints sinners

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Letter sent to RFU, Headquarters, Twickenham

I write to enquire why the RFU are adopting double standards with regards to disciplinary matters?

I now refer to the leniency shown to at least two Leicester Tigers players and the severity applied to Northampton Saints players.

I cannot believe that Ben Youngs, who kneed and then punched a player, has been let off with a one-week suspension (and Tigers are not playing this week) and then last season Manu Tuilagi committed five offences in one minute (Offside position, Not releasing the ball, First punch, Second punch, Third punch (which split Ashton’s eye open)) – and for all this he was banned for two matches!

What would you do if someone put their finger in your mouth – Dylan Hartley received eight weeks for this.

What happened to the Irish culprit in this matter?

I now refer to the Calum Clarke matter, in every match players pull opponents away from scrums, etc, but on this occasion it went horribly wrong but for Tigers director of rugby Richard Cockerill to suggest that this was done on purpose brings the game into disrepute.

Has any action been taken against the unwise comments of Mr Cockerill?

The report on Youngs said there were mitigating circumstances and that he had a good record, why was not this criteria used for Clarke?

Again I suggest that there is one law for the Tigers and another law for the Saints.

David F Coe

Dunkirk Avenue,