Nightclub plan for Kettering hotel given green light

The Royal Hotel.
The Royal Hotel.

Plans to open a nightclub in a Kettering hotel have been given the go-ahead by councillors, subject to a number of conditions.

Applicants Primetime Property Ltd laid out their ambitions to open Emporio Lounge and Emporio Nightclub at the Royal Hotel in Market Place.

Those plans saw concerns raised by police, environmental health officers and nearby residents, who felt it would be too noisy.

At a licensing meeting yesterday (Tuesday), the owners were granted a licence after agreeing to the police’s stringent recommendations and conditions.

They included ending the sale of alcohol 45 minutes before the venue closes and having one entrance to the nightclub rather than two.

Police also insisted customers must not take open vessels of alcohol from the premises outside at any time.

At the meeting at Kettering Council’s offices, Sgt Martin O’Connell said the original application to end selling alcohol at the same time as the venue closing wouldn’t have worked.

He said: “If the sale of alcohol was to end 30 minutes or 45 minutes before closure, this would allow customers to finish up their drinks.

“In this way [the original application] they would rush out feeling quite high on their activities and they wouldn’t have finished their drinks, which could cause arguments.

“It just wouldn’t work unless there was a soft closure.”

Designated premises supervisor Deepak Patel agreed and said: “We are willing to work with police on this and will continue to do so.

“We are quite happy to agree to the conditions set out.”

Cllr Ian Jelley (Con) questioned police on their ability to police events at the venue, given most of the other nightclubs in Kettering are at the other end of the town centre.

Sgt O’Connell said this wouldn’t be a problem and that they would be able to police the area.

Cllr Margaret Talbot raised concerns about smokers congregating outside, but it was conceded that any nightclub will have smokers.

Leon Warren, security chief at the venue, said: “We will try to keep them away [from residents].

“We may have to put two extra guys outside just to police that area.”

After less than half an hour of deliberations, the committee agreed to grant the licence.

The venue must adhere to the conditions set out by police, have a minimum of three door staff per venue and have clear signage asking clubbers to respect local residents and leave the area quietly.