NHS Bill ‘threat to health care’

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I am concerned the Government’s NHS Bill will mean the dismantling of our hospitals and other health services.

I received excellent treatment and support in 2000 due to cancer in my left ankle and in 2004 for testicular cancer. This is because the NHS was well funded and managed at the time.

However, I am now worried that this level of service will be lost if the Bill and its reforms go ahead.

There will be increased privatisation of services, and the power of the NHS watchdog will be weakened.

Where this has happened abroad or with our other public sector services, such as energy and transport, it has resulted in massive differences in the quality of services and some people being unable to afford some of them. I may not be able to rely on, or afford, the health service when my family, friends or I need it in the future.

Also the Bill would result in thousands more NHS workers out of work, increasing the Government’s benefit bill. These cuts and changes are a false economy, and not helping our country to clear its structural deficit.

It would appear that hundreds of thousands of health professionals and members of the public oppose the Bill, and cuts to the NHS, and that the Government have no political mandate for it. I am angered and very worried at what the Government are now doing.

Ben King

Roman Way,