New toilets are the start of major investment at centre

A shopping centre boss has hailed the opening of new toilet facilities as the beginning of an exciting period of development for the centre.

Neil Griffin, manager of the Newlands Centre in Kettering, says the toilets which open to the public on Friday, November 30, will be among the best in the country.

It is the latest stage in a major refurbishment project.

He said: “There is a lot of investment going into it. I’m like a child with a new toy.

“We have had years of no investment but now we have owners who are willing to do so.”

The new toilets will include a breast-feeding lounge, which Mr Griffin says is the first of its kind in Britain.

He said: “The lounge will give a bit of comfort for mothers away from prying eyes.

“It’s been known for quite some time the toilets have not been to the greatest of standards. People will be blown away by the transformation.”

Management company Ellandi has invested in the Newlands Centre, and Mark Robinson, one of its founding partners, said he was pleased with how the developments were progressing.

He said: “We have spent an awful lot of money on the toilets.

“We have used some really good modern designs, and when people use the toilet they will see the quality of what we have done.”

As part of the upgrades, the centre will undergo a rebranding described by Mr Robinson as fresh and contemporary.

He added: “This is an indication Kettering is changing and is having money invested in it.

“The idea is by late spring we will have the centre looking better than it’s looked for years.”

He also praised Kettering-based Wrightmans Construction for their work, saying: “It has been great to work with a local contractor which has delivered a quality construction on time and on budget.”