New test to catch county motorists who take drugs and drive

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A new device is set to catch out motorists who take drugs and then drive thanks to a new pilot scheme.

This month, officers in Northamptonshire will be conducting a simple saliva test using a device which can test for cannabis use on the spot.

Drivers across the county will be screened to see if their driving ability could be impaired by the use of drugs.

The test will be carried out when officers suspect somebody has taken drugs having arrested them for a road traffic offence, and will give an indication of whether further tests are needed.

Specialist operations inspector, Jen Helm, said: “The force supports any new tactics or equipment that can help us to make the roads safer for the people of Northamptonshire.

“Road collisions are not just statistics; there are real victims at the centre of every one.

“If this device helps reduce the number of traffic collisions on our roads it can only be good thing for the county.”

To report a suspected drink drive in confidence, call the Drivewatch Hotline on 0800 174615, fill out the online form at or if you think someone is drink or drug driving now, call 999.