New set of wheels for Kettering and Corby karate club

The new minibus for the Shotokan Kettering & Corby club
The new minibus for the Shotokan Kettering & Corby club

Members of a karate club are celebrating after raising enough money for a new minibus.

The Shotokan Kettering and Corby club, which includes Punchin’ Pandas, picked up the keys for its new minibus last week after raising enough funds to buy the much-needed vehicle.

Nick Binder, instructor for the club, said: “This has been a long time coming.

“Since we were first founded in 2010 we have attended between 10 and 14 competitions and training events annually, many outside of the immediate region.

“We had to do so by hiring coaches each time, as we are entirely self-funded and don’t receive any outside funding.

“This was a huge drain on our limited funds so having our own transport will make a huge difference to the club in terms of local transport for students as well as attendance at these events.”

The money was largely raised by the club holding fundraising events, such as a sponsored push-up challenge where each student participating did as many push-ups as possible in 30 seconds.

Mr Binder added: “I would like to thank every student, mums and dads and all those who sponsored the students.

“The events have raised over £3,000 towards the purchase of the minibus.

“I would also like to thank Shotokan Karate Centres England who donated £2,000 towards the fund, making the purchase possible.

“It is a founding principal of our club to offer affordable high quality karate to all and to help to develop an inter-dojo Sport Karate League as a part of the larger Anglia region of SKCE clubs, which in Wellingborough has been running since the early 1970s.”

The picture shows students from the Saturday squad training session with instructors Nick Binder and Mathew Butlin and SKCE chairman and senior instructor Gerry Grey.

Anyone wanting to find out more about the club venues and dates can call Mr Binder on 07720 430798.