New scanner speeds up Kettering hospital’s waiting times

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A hospital has taken a delivery of a 2.5 tonne scanner that will speed up waiting times.

Kettering General Hospital’s (KGH) new CT scanner will use state-of-the-art technology to enable staff to take extremely detailed x-rays of the human body, ten times more detailed than the hospital’s existing machine.

David Walter, consultant radiologist at the hospital, said: “CT scanners are a kind of special rotating x-ray machine which we use to diagnose many different conditions including cancers, kidney stones, blood clots on the lungs and the damage done by traumatic accidents.

“The benefit for patients will be that the new machine uses the latest technology and enables us to take a very large number of detailed images of what is happening inside a person’s body- and it does this verty quickly and safely.

“Our current scanner takes 16 pictures per rotation around a person’s body. The new machine will take 160 in the same amount of time.

“Patients previously had to travel to Glenfield Hospital in Leicester for CT angiography but now they will be able to have it here.”

The new scanner was bought using money from the hospital’s chairty fund and will replace a 12-year-old scanner, which is one of two scanners currently in use at the hospital.

Tracy Reid, radiology manager at the hospital, said: “Once the new CT scanner is up and running in mid September we shall retire our oldest CT scanner.

“The new machine is so much faster and better and is able to be used in all circumstances. It will mean we can signicantly increase the amount of scanning we do.

“Over the next year we should be able to reduce waits for CT scans by several days, particularly urgent waits.”