New railway station moves a step closer to reality

An artist's impression of the Wellingborough railway station plans
An artist's impression of the Wellingborough railway station plans

Wellingborough’s new railway station is a step closer to becoming a reality after plans for the building, car parks and platform extensions were approved.

Plans for various elements of the new station, which is set to be built on land immediately to the east of the existing Wellingborough station, were discussed by Wellingborough Council’s planning committee at a meeting on Wednesday, August 8.

The plans included the new station building, station platform extensions, a new railway bridge extension, two multi-storey car parks and an additional car park.

The plan is for the new station to represent a “gateway connection with”, and form part of, the town’s eastern urban extension, Stanton Cross.

Cllr Peter Morrall said: “I’m delighted to see at last that something is going to start happening on the other side of the track because for a long, long time it’s been one of these we have talked about.

“The (current) station, lovely as it is, is not really adequate for today’s travelling public.

“I personally will be pleased to see it coming to fruition.”

Council leader Paul Bell, who is a member of the committee, said: “We obviously have to welcome this. This has been sitting around since the year dot - 1996, 1998, something like that - when this came forward.

“It opens up the area and allows the building of our houses. The bridge in due course will be built, subject to the Secretary of State making his mind up on the compulsory purchase order.”

Cllr Shashi Dholakia said: “I think we have been waiting for this for so long.”

Councillors unanimously approved the proposals.

Documents on the plans said: “A prime objective is to expand the station facilities to accommodate the extra demand for public transport expected as the new Stanton Cross Township is built out.

“A modular station building is proposed to a standard Network Rail design on the east side for this purpose, complete with a public square, pick up/drop off facilities, access to two split level multi-storey car parks and associated hard and soft landscaping.

“By the same token, the forecourt to the existing station building on the west side will be provided with enhanced landscaping, a new pick up/drop off and taxi rank area and new short-stay and secure parking facilities.”

The papers say none of the proposals would have an adverse effect on the proposed electrification of the line, and all bridges have been designed and will be built to account for this.