New powers to stop nuisance noise in Kettering

The lower floor of Morrisons car park, Kettering
The lower floor of Morrisons car park, Kettering

Powers to disperse skateboarders who create nuisance noise in Kettering could be handed to police and council officers with the creation of a protection zone in the town centre.

Last year, the Telegraph reported that residents living near Morrisons in Kettering were being plagued with noise in the evening created by groups of teenagers congregating in the lower floor of the car park.

Kettering Council is now planning to launch a six-week consultation with residents asking whether the town centre should be designated with a Public Spaces Protection Order.

The order gives police and council officers a range of powers aimed at stopping public nuisances such as noise, begging, blocking footpaths with vehicles and consuming alcohol on the street.

Although parts of the town are already covered by alcohol exclusion zones, the Public Spaces Protection Order merges existing orders like those ones with dog control orders, to create one overall zone which is easier to enforce.

The proposed area is from Bowling Green Road in the south of the town to the Rockingham Road Pleasure Park in the north. The western border is Northfield Avenue.

The order was discussed by Kettering Council’s executive committee at a meeting last week, although the consultation is not due to begin until February 1.

Depending on the result of the consultation, Kettering Council says the order will not be implemented until after the May elections.