New office is next step for Niamh’s charity

Sam, Hannah and Chris Curry in the new Niamh's Next Step charity office on the Finedon Road Industrial Estate
Sam, Hannah and Chris Curry in the new Niamh's Next Step charity office on the Finedon Road Industrial Estate

The parents of a little girl who lost her fight against cancer say she would have loved the new office for the charity set up in her memory.

It is the start of a new era for Niamh’s Next Step with the opening of its first office on the Finedon Road industrial estate in Wellingborough.

Parents Sam and Chris Curry set up the charity after losing their daughter Niamh to childhood cancer neuroblastoma on May 20, 2012.

They have spent the past two years raising thousands of pounds to raise awareness of the disease and to fund research into it to try to prevent other families having to endure the heartbreak they and Niamh’s sister Hannah have been through.

Up until now, much of the charity’s work has been carried out at the family’s house but they are now proud to have their own office where they can hold events, meet supporters, store equipment and merchandise for events and carry on the fundraising in Niamh’s memory.

Dad Chris Curry said: “We have had a few days doing it up and getting it ready.

“It’s the next step for us.

“It means we as a charity with our trustees can be a lot more professional.

“We can involve our trustees a lot more now and people will be able to come to us rather than having to travel all around the country, it’s great to have a base now.”

Sam and Chris, along with friends and supporters, have spent time giving the office a makeover, including painting the walls purple, which was one of Niamh’s favourite colours.

Mum Sam said: “Niamh would have loved it.

“To see it change into this is amazing.

“I still cry every time I walk in.”

She said the people of Wellingborough have offered great support to them, and said: “We can do things from here now.

“The community of Wellingborough have been really good and it will be nice for them to come down.”

Chris added: “There’s a lot of businesses round here and they are all nearly local.

“We are hoping to have events, like coffee and cake, where we can go round to the businesses and let them know about Niamh’s Next Step.”

Support continues to grow for the charity, with companies across the county raising funds for them.

Nationwide, based in Northampton, has held several events recently for Niamh’s Next Step, and estate agent Jackson Grundy has chosen the charity along with Cynthia Spencer Hospice as its charities of the year.

An evening with former Liverpool star Jamie Carragher also raised £6,000 for the charity.

The family has also had a lot of support from family and friends, especially with the recent anniversary of Niamh’s death, but her story has also touched people who never even met her.

Sam said: “We went away for Niamh’s anniversary but when we looked at Facebook, the amount of people who lit candles or released balloons for Niamh was amazing.

“We were expecting it from our family and close friends, but it was amazing to see how many people think about her.

“I think it’s incredible.

“A lot of people come up to us and talk about her, it’s really lovely.”

Sam and Chris are hoping to have an official opening event for the new office in Bradfield Road in August or September.

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