New memorial wall for Wellingborough’s crematorium

Nene Valley Crematorium in Wellingborough
Nene Valley Crematorium in Wellingborough

Wellingborough Council is planning to spend £110,000 on a memorial wall at its crematorium.

A contract was recently tendered to design and install the memorial wall scheme for the Nene Valley Crematorium.

The authority spent £5.5m in 2016 on the crematorium in Doddington Road, which overlooks picturesque landscape between Millers Park and Great Doddington.

A spokesman for the authority said: “We are gradually developing the options available at Nene Valley Crematorium for anyone who would like a location to inter ashes.

“It is a very large site and this is the next step in our vision for the crematorium, now that the scattering lawn is available – with memorial trees, roses, benches and vaults.

“Memorial walls are very common in crematoriums, and something that we think local people will appreciate.”

The wall, where ashes can be interred, will be situated near to the entrance and will face towards the crematorium building and the views of the Nene Valley.

Work will commence this month (June) and the wall should be ready for September this year.